Our Mission

Our mission is to connect Black young adults with therapeutic resources that help inform and improve their mental health in pursuit of a better quality of life.

Black youth who are exposed to violence are at a greater risk for PTSD by over 25%

– American Psychological Association.

Blacks/African Americans are less likely than white people to die from suicide at all ages but Black and African American young adults ages 18 to 25 are more likely to attempt suicide than White teenagers (9.8 percent v. 6.1 percent).

– Source: CDC, 2019

63% of African Americans believe that a mental health condition is a personal sign of weakness.

Nursing Research

In 2018, 58.2% of Black/African American young adults 18-25 with serious mental illness did NOT receive treatment.

Source: CDC, 2019

Depression rates for Black/African American youth ages 18-25 rose from 6.1% to 9.4% between 2015 and 2018.

Source: SAMHSA, 2018

Suicidal thoughts, plans, and attempts are also rising among Black/African American young adults aged 18-25:
9.5% (439,000) had serious thoughts of suicide in 2018, compared to 6% (277,000) in 2008.
3.6% (166,000) made a plan in 2018, compared to 2.1% (96,000) in 2008,
2.4% (111,000) made an attempt in 2018 to 1.5% (70,000) in 2008.

Source: SAMHSA, 2018

Nearly 90 percent of Black and African American people over the age of 12 with a substance use disorder did NOT receive treatment.

Source CDC, 2019

11.5% of Black and African Americans (compared to 7.5% of white Americans) were uninsured in 2018.

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

Source: Mental Health America