Tools to Help Black Youth Navigate Mental Wellness

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Tools to Help Black Youth Navigate Mental Wellness

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Only 1 in 3 African Americans who need mental health care receive it.

Source: Mental Health America

Dream Team Therapy Fund

G Herbo and Audiomack recognize the growing demand for mental health care services within the Black community during this time of heightened trauma. The Dream Team Therapy Fund will cover the cost of three (3) months worth of therapy sessions for Black youth (ages 18-25) seeking care in the United States.

We aim to increase access and utilization of mental health services amongst young Black adults and de-stigmatize cultural narratives about therapy among Black people.


Our Understanding

It is important to acknowledge how race, culture, and background impact our mental health. Over the past few months, Blacks everywhere have been trying to survive COVID-19’s devastating attack on our communities, while processing layers of generational and personal trauma shaped by race-related stressors such as economic inequality, police brutality, criminal injustice, and more. Mental health experts warn about the negative emotional and psychological effects the current state of society will have on the Black community. Yet, our access to aid continues to be limited.


Our Mission

Our mission is to connect Black young adults with therapeutic resources that help inform and improve their mental health in pursuit of a better quality of life. IT TAKES A VILLAGE


Quietly putting up over 1 billion streams and attracting widespread critical acclaim, G Herbo emerged as one of the Windy City’s most important presences and a voice for hip-hop at large. He hailed from the notorious Chicago neighborhood of “Terror Town” and went on to drop one explosive project after another beginning with Ballin Like I’m Kobe in 2016. In the aftermath, he lifted himself up to the top of the charts with Humble Beast, which vaulted into the Top 25 of the Billboard Top 200 in 2017. He ascended to unparalleled critical peaks on 2018’s Swervo with Southside. It clinched #15 on the Top 200 and bowed in the Top 10 on the Top Rap Albums Chart and Top 10 on the Top R&B Hip-Hop Albums Chart. Boasting collaborations with Gunna “Trained To Kill (Big Body Whips)” and the late legend Juice WRLD “Never Scared,” 2019’s Still Swervin maintained his momentum followed by Sessions at the end of the year. Kicking off the new decade and serving up a definitive statement, G Herbo unleashed his anxiously awaited PTSD album. In March, it bowed at #7 on the Billboard Top 200. Maintaining this momentum, the latest smash “PTSD” [feat. Juice WRLD, Lil Uzi Vert, & Chance the Rapper] has gone gold and the world awaits to see what G Herbo accomplishes next.


Founded in 2012 by friends and co-founders Dave Macli and Dave Ponte, Audiomack is a youth- driven, artist-first, music streaming platform. Audiomack allows artists and creators to share unlimited content for free, as well as provides tools to help them expand their audience. Over the years, it has been at the forefront of watershed moments in hip-hop and greater music culture. Key releases on the platform include: Chance the Rapper’s seminal Acid Rap mixtape, J. Cole’s fabled Truly Yours 1 and 2, the premiere of Eminem’s eviscerating Machine Gun Kelly diss track “KILLSHOT,” a trio of exclusive freestyles from Nicki Minaj and most recently, the exclusive ZULU mixtape from Nasty C. With a focus on hip-hop, electronic, Latin, Reggae, Afrobeats, and other top and emerging genres, plus podcasts, Audiomack has over five million daily active users, and exists as a cutting- edge streaming platform engrossed in music culture and consistently moving music forward.


NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness..


Nami Helpline/Crisis Text Line


InnoPsych’s mission is to bring healing to communities of color by changing the face and feel of therapy! We strive to make therapists of color more visible in the community by creating a path to wellness-themed business ownership; to make it faster (and easier) for people of color to match with a therapist of color; and to create a major shift in how communities of color (or POCs) view therapy.